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 Professional Analysis Helps Craft a Great Portfolio

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The Stock Market

Fortunes are made and lost in the stock market every day. Be smart about your approach. Diversify and use our free services as a tool to help you succeed in the market.


Our Approach

With over 40 years of market experience, our stock recommendations have consistently beaten the major averages. We provide you with easy to understand fundamental and technical analysis that you can apply to your own research.

It's Not All Business

It should not be all business all of the time. Some of the best and most lucrative ideas come from a relaxed mind. That's why we built our Photo gallery which showcases some of the most beautiful and imaginative pictures you will ever see.

 Advanced Tools

Learn more about our advanced offerings, including our professional and retail trading platforms here.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to help our customers make money in the stock market.

Contrary to some advertisements you may see, there is no simple formula for success. The market is complex and changes all the time. It is important to closely follow all of the elements that comprise the market - the economy, geopolitics, news, sector trends and individual company specifics. We at Keyon maintain a large network of partnerships and data repositories along with our own experienced in-house analysis team to produce timely and profitable recommendations and trade setups.


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Investing - Smart, Simple, Consistent

There is no shortage of information out there today. It is often difficult to sift through hundreds of pieces of documentation and determine which are the right investments for you. We remain consistent and stick to the same fundamental and technical data types when analyzing a stock or sector. While we examine many different elements in a company during our analysis, what we provide to you is concise and easy to understand.

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Trading - Streamline and Discipline

Trading in the stock market today can be challenging. Even the best traders have down days. Trading is not about winning every trade, it is about attaining a consistent way of making money in the markets over a period of time.

There are many ways to trade the markets, and at Keyon we focus on building Trading Systems that provide consistent S&P beating market returns while protecting your positions against market downturns. To do this, we utilize two of the most successful and lucrative methods in hedge trading today - Pairs Trading and ETF Hedging. Our Pairs Trading system is designed for the professional trader but it's simplicity and streamlined design make it a great tool for individuals and retail traders as well. Our ETF Hedging system caters to all types of traders and provides a way to profit through combinations of individual stocks and ETFs while mitigating risk.  

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